Where do you want to go?

We have all been asked this question, and how many times have paused for thought?

Microsoft may have hijacked it with the tagline “where do you want to goto today”. Even so the sentiment still remains, and for many of us this is a challenge that will take us too many places and become a way of life rather than a passing opportunity often regretted. Alfred Wainwright put it more elegantly when he said,

“Time is intended to be spent not saved”

Maybe its fear of failure or stepping out from the normal that prevents many from enjoying adventures big or small, which again Wainwright put,

“You were made to soar, to crash to earth, then rise and soar again”

So, what we can do!

There are more books and websites dedicated to this, but I suggest you take a trip over to Alastair Humphreys site for ideas and if your looking for motivation, look no further than Sidetracked.

But ultimatley you have to take a risk to become that person who goes places and is prepared to live life!

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